The Gibson Girl

Its been a while, I know. Every time I go to write another one of these I seem to always start with that line. It’s boring to write everyday or once a week or even once a month. I only write when I feel passionately about something so here I am again.

I’ve written about my fashion/style before but lately I’ve been OBSESSED with the Edwardian Era (1900-1910 ish). I love the whole Gibson Girl aesthetic: the hats and long skirts and the shoes and the corsets. All of it. img_1891

I just think it is so pretty and elegant but not too extravagant like puffy sleeves or crinoline cages or bustles(those things that make your butt look like it sticks way out). In my obsession I was fucking around on the internet and found a wonderful series of videos by Prior Attire, a lady in the UK who makes reproduction clothing as close to historically accurate as possible. She does centuries of different styles from Viking to Edwardian. Her outfits are absolutely beautiful and she shows all of the layers that a typical lady of a particular era would wear on a daily basis. This is her video on Edwardian fashion:

Prior Attire- Edwardian Lady

In particular I have been getting into corsetry. I know what you all are thinking.

“Corsets are crazy!” “You can’t breathe!” “You’re moving your organs around!” “It’s not healthy!”

If you are thinking these thoughts please refer to this article and then come back here and hear me out.  Victorian Myths

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two, stuff I have also recently learned, hopefully I won’t get any “this is stupid” or “you won’t be able to do anything in it” comments cause I hate that.



I get two types of comments on my clothes, especially because I pretty much only wear skirts now.

The first type are lots of compliments! Things like “I love your outfit!” or “I love your skirt!” (I get this often when I wear my petticoats) “You look like Hollywood!” “You look like Agent Carter.” (got both those on my flight back to ABQ last week)

The second type are usually questions: “Isn’t that uncomfortable?” “Aren’t you hot?” “Are you sure you wanna wear that?”

The second type I find really insulting actually. I can, and do, wear whatever I want and I know how things fit my body, how comfortable things are and I am very aware of my capabilities in flouncy skirts! If I was too hot/uncomfotable I’d wear something else.

I get that last question a lot, its insulting because the people who ask, I feel, are insinuating that I don’t understand a situation and that I need to be reminded that skirts can’t be worn outside or in the dirt or something. May I remind everyone that women wore skirts EVERY SINGLE DAY for CENTURIES! They wore regular, everyday skirts that were meant to be worn during work and outdoors and on farms and for cooking and gardening and horseback riding and walking and riding bikes, etc.

I guess because people think of jeans as casual and skirts as formal that my skirts are precious and not meant to brave everyday wear. I think what people need to understand is that my everyday skirts are meant to be worn just like jeans; for EVERY DAY. Of course I don’t wear my nice skirts everyday just like no one wears their tuxedo or prom dress everyday.

End Rant


So I bought a corset. One that is meant for my measurements and is comfortable in hot weather, considering where I live. I didn’t buy it to get an insanely tiny waist or do crazy shit with it. I did my research and I knew what I wanted. The company I bought mine from suggests filling out a form on their website so that they can recommend the best corset! So I did and I picked one they suggested! Bonus: I also did my research and found out that corsets can help with posture and work well for people who sit at a desk for their job(which I do). Considering I have 18 credit hours and 2 desk jobs this semester I am sitting A LOT and I know I have shoulder and neck pain because of this.

So, I bought a corset! And I love it! I’ve been hesitant to post anything on social media for fear of backlash from people, especially my family. Darien supports me which is awesome! I know he would make sure that I don’t hurt myself or anything, and I don’t intend on going ham with it so I’m not worried.

I honestly wanted one so I could emphasize my waist a little bit more and to give me support at work and in class. I am really excited to start wearing it!

Unfortunately, I felt like I needed to explain myself ahead of time because I knew I was gonna get some condescending looks and comments if I just casually mentioned that I started doing this.

Here are some more images of Edwardian fashion to end on a high note:



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